Monday, 15 August 2016

Diddly Made Butter

One of Diddly's favourite things to do is help in the kitchen, be it baking, cooking dinner or just drying up this girl loves helping and getting stuck in. I try and encourage this because I am a firm believer in us all helping and pulling together as a family to get all the jobs done so we can have fun family time together. This summer Diddly has been doing lots of baking and cooking with myself and with her Nanna, last week they made butter and I was so amazed at how simple and easy it was that although it doesn't work out any cheaper than buying a block of butter the fun element, quality time together and the satisfaction of eating something you have made makes it worth while doing once in a while and as a bonus Diddly learned what curds and whey are.

I took some photos of the process and I'll pop the very simple recipe below for any one who wans to give it a go.

Mixing the cream with Nanna

As you whisk the cream this starts to happen and the curds and whey separate soon you will have butter

Drying out and squeezing out the last of the whey

Homemade butter that you can add any flavouring you like to

They whey which can be used as the liquid in your pancake recipe to make delicious pancakes

Here is our simple butter making recipe

  • Take one carton of double cream and whisk (you can do this by hand or with and electric whisk both work well) until the curds and whey begin to separate (photo 2)
  • Whisk a bit longer until the curds clump together
  • Remove the curds and place in a tea towel or muslin and squeeze to remove the remaining whey (I like to keep all the whey to make pancakes with)
  • Place the butter into a dish of your choice, the butter will keep for up to one week and you can add flavouring of your choice, we left it plain and I added salt to my portions when I used it so as to keep Diddly's salt free. 

Bon appetit

Saturday, 13 August 2016

{Me and Mine Project} July 2016

I am sooo late posting my July Me and Mine, I have been enjoying the summer holidays too much, we have had a fair few medical appointments for Bear and the rest of the time we have just been having fun, finding time to post has been hard so I decided to just focus on soaking up time with my munchkins.

This month has been super busy and we have just been enjoying spending time together; with so much going on the only photos I have are a few selfies we snapped but it sums up July perfectly. Bear had just got back from having tests done at the hospital so has crazy hair and Diddly was so excited to see us she just started being silly and making bear giggle so we took some selfies.

It's lovely to have photos we have stood or sat together for but sometimes the spontaneous ones are the ones I treasure the most remembering the funny, giggly, silly times together,

The Me and Mine Project

My Wild Ones

The school holidays are in full swing here and it has been so nice spending quality time with both of mine. Unlike last summer where most of it was spent in and out of hospital this summer we have been making the most of no alarm clocks and no school runs or clock watching and going on days out or just playing in the garden. It has been a lovely way to while away the hours watching them play together in the garden, exploring and discovering together and watching their relationship grow.

Diddly is really into bug hunting at the minute we even have a beautiful bright bug hotel in the garden for critters to who stop by to explore. My little Dr Doolittle took this grasshopper around the garden with her until he hopped off to tell all his grasshopper friends how much fun they had.

Our old sand and water table broke so I treated these two to a new one and they have had hours of fun together.

They both love being outside so much no matter what the weather and Bear is even starting to get to grips with grass and coping so much better with all the different textures outside.